Villain Spotlight - Chief Prison Officer Krom


"Before embarking on a journey for revenge, first dig sixteen graves"

Former Chief Prison Officer Krom was Governess Snow's Chief Henchman inside Durasteel Prison and over the years the pair formed a close boss/employee bond, a bond which Snow often used to punish the inmates from behind the scenes. Before the Thorns arrival "Krom" had ruled the prison with an iron fist, forcing inmates to fight for sport and turn on each other for nothing more than his enjoyment. He would seek out the seemingly weakest member of any group and make their stay unbearable, often trying to see how far he could push them before they snapped, which in most cased led to the inmates death.

It was business as usual for Krom when the Thorns arrived in Durasteel, finding the weak link in the crew and making his life a living hell. Mafaistos was simply not prepared mentally or physically for the challenges Krom would lay on him, each day pushing him to the brink before allowing him to rest and recover for the next day of torment. Krom was particularly pleased with himself the day he engineered one of the Thorns to "shiv" another for nothing more than a pack of Cigarra, it was Padawan Aldenohn who jumped at the chance to stab Obran in the back with a shiv made from an old toothbrush. The stabbing served two purposes, payback for Obran insulting Krom in the excerise yard and to watch how quickly the Thorns would turn on one of their own, which they did, to Kroms enjoyment.

Everything changed for Krom the day the Thorns began their ambitious escape attempt, he had witnessed the escape on the Prisons CCTV Cameras and moved to the Office of Governess Snow to secure his own safety, leaving most of his loyal guards to fall at the hands of the Thorns. And it was here that his treatment of Mafaistos would come back to bite him, the unassuming Mafaistos would corner Krom and after yet another verbal assault slit Kroms throat with a blade tipped with blood boil. The poison had its desired effect as it was pumped around Kroms body, killing tissue and destroying his organs from the inside. But this was not the end for Krom, somehow he was still alive, he laid on the floor in burning agony on the very brink of death for what felt like an eternity before he was rescued by Governess Snow and her medial droids. Krom had to undergo extensive surgery and as a lot of his body was burnt away by the blood boil it had to be replaced with Cybernetic components, making Krom even stronger now than he was before.

Now that Durasteel lies in ruins, it seems former Chief Prison Officer Krom is sticking by Governess Snow, assisting in her search for the Lucis and has sworn a bloody revenge on all of the Black Thorns.
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