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Villain Spotlight: SW-337, The Demon Barber of Durasteel

"How close would you like your shave, sir?"

Custom droid model SW-337 came to Durasteel Colony as evidence, his databanks assumed to contain information on his owner and creator, a Weequay barber shop owner on Nar Shaddaa accused of being a serial killer. But his owner was never found, thanks to SW-337s own efforts to hide him, and so SW-337 remained at Durasteel where he met the young Governess, an ambitious noblewoman called Lady Lucindra Snow. Snow found a use for thebarber droid, his surgical experience in the backstreets of the smugglers moon valuable to her off-prison exploits. Snow took the barber droid to a school she had acquired on Alderaan, where she had SW-337 perform heinous experiments on the pupils. And SW-337, guilty of the serial killings his owner had been accused of, loved every minute.

At the order of Snow, SW-337 tortured hundreds of victims, changing the faces of some, such as Lucious Wormwood, the bodies of more, such as Tamzar, and the minds of others, such as Fulvia Trell. His expertise with the razor and knowledge of anatomy helped Snow climb the ranks of her clandestine organisation until the highest echelon of the order, the master of which the cult practically worshiped, summoned Snow and requested he borrow her droid. She dutifully accepted.

SW-337 was to torture to insanity a young Padawan that the master had captured, a girl called Kiya Rayne, daughter of the masters right-hand man. His success put Snow in the masters good books, so eventually she replaced the masters right hand man, and SW-337 returned to Durasteel where he became one of the prisons fences and nurses. To protect her secret activities, Snow equipped SW-337 with a restraining bolt, specialized to suppress memories of his activities with Snow and, as such, when the Black Thorns arrived at Durasteel, SW-337 played a part in equipping them to escape. In return, Fenria insisted that SW-337 accompany them off Durasteel and, to ensure that, she had Obran and Syelle remove his restraining bolt.

Ever since, SW-337 acted as Snows spy in the Thorns, learning their vulnerabilities and progress and feeding it back to his mistress. When the crew captured a member of Snows organisation, SW-337 arranged his death to assure that the cultist never identified him as the droid that had tortured him and his wife to insanity. But eventually, in the ruins of Headstone, SW-337 could hide no longer. Poisoning Fenria, Aldenohn and Atisha to ransom the Antidote in exchange for survival, SW-337 escaped the crew. The Demon Barber is still at large.
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