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Brianna WebOfficer
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A little more upbeat, but the lyrics fit for the Morg
Captain Brianna Kel-McCarthy - Commander of The Black Thorn privateers and Captain of the star-ship Winter Rose
Morgandy (Nemor'Gan'Dyrll) - Former Sith on the path of redemption
Posted Jul 10, 13
I had this lined up for Killstar (commando) once, however I dedicate this to Az and Elonia- I picture them on Taris, deep inside a high-tech facility mowing down Rakghouls.

Posted Jul 10, 13 · Last edited Jul 10, 13
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That's nice to hear, starmaster :d I can totally see it in my head too while playing that.

This is the theme I had playing previous sunday when we were roaming the bowels of the volcano of CroaToa. Totally fitting. In this case, Lieutenant Volks had to play Gandalf at the hands of a Crazy.
Col. Hans Landa: [giddy] Oooh, that's a bingo! Is that the way you say it? "That's a bingo?"
Lt. Aldo Raine: You just say "bingo."
Col. Hans Landa: Bingo!
Posted Jul 11, 13
Scott GM
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A new character, a new Theme!
Cerea Lepps
Gara Lepps
Scott Masters
The Fallen Angel
The Black Prince
The Ex-Con
"Its a big and scary galaxy. I'm only small... What can I do?"
"To keep my people safe, many will die. This is the burden I must bear"
"There is no "Evil Empire." Just people like me."
Posted Oct 15, 13
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This thorn season's theme for Antora. :)

Posted Mar 13, 14
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And here's one for Fenria

And then 10 minutes later I find the one I couldn't remember. Well lets put up both!
Posted Mar 20, 14 · Last edited Mar 20, 14
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Tychos' previous song got deleted from you tube! :o So here's a better one. - Agony of Obscuration

Posted Mar 21, 14 · Last edited Mar 21, 14
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